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About Me

Growing up in an area north of Portland, Oregon, my favorite place on earth was the St John’s library. A lovely, cozy brick building surrounded by hundred-year-old trees, the library was my escape to fantasy and make-believe. That hasn’t changed over time.


The first book that really grabbed me was Stephen King’s The Dead Zone. At fourteen, it was the first time I felt connected to a character and setting, clearly envisioned the action, and cried real tears at the end. It was the first time I didn’t want it to be over and flipped back to page one, refusing to let go of the world I’d been immersed in. That’s what good writing does for me; it makes my heart ache when it’s over.


As a full-fledged, official grown-up (my driver license confirms this), I still enjoy being whisked into another world, another life, another character’s trials and heartache. I’m a sucker for a happy ending and a good laugh.


I’ve raised two amazing humans to adulthood, and am married to one heck of a terrific chef. After more than a decade of being a stay-at-home mom, cooking and cleaning for a family of four, my days in the kitchen are long behind me. I thrive on being cooked for and pampered. Everyone should do this.


Everyone, ya’ll.


After a lifetime of living in the Pacific Northwest, and even a year living like a pauper on Maui, my husband, two cats, and I sold our house and drove halfway across the country to settle in Austin, Texas, where adventures abound.


And barbeque. Lots of barbeque.





Hubby and Wifey

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