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Book Formatting Services






Why use my service?

Most authors require more than just one format for their book. When you have to pay for each format, it can get expensive fast. That’s why I offer every format you need under one price.


I will work with you to format the book to your specifications. I format according to industry standards to make your book appear as professional as possible. Those standards include:

  • Chapters begin on odd (right-side) pages

  • Page numbers begin at chapter one

  • No page numbers on chapter title pages

  • Roman numerals instead of page numbers in prologues and epilogues

  • No page numbers in front and back matter

  • Proper indenting (no indents in the first paragraph)



Your cover added

Text wrap

Drop caps

Custom scene breaks

Custom headings

Clickable table of contents for ebook

Table of contents for print, if desired

All trim sizes for print

Unlimited revisions

Delivery time: 48 hours after we have settled on your specifications

I operate in the United States


I will email a questionnaire so that we can work together to build a book that you’re proud to share with the world!


Whether you only need a format compatible with KDP or you need your formatted book in multiple formats, all formats are covered in one price. There are no additional costs for multiple formats, and I provide unlimited revisions as long as there have been no significant additions to the text.


You may choose one or all of the following:

Print (both paperback and hardcover)


  • Kindle

  • Apple

  • Nook

  • Kobo

  • Google

  • EPUB

  • mobi for Amazon KDP



For image-heavy books or color images, please contact me before placing your order to be sure I am able to accommodate your needs.

I am unfortunately unable to work with PDF files at this time

I accept manuscripts in the following formats:








I spent 15 years in the tech industry before taking on writing full time. I’ve done freelance editing since 2015 and have been formatting since 2017.

As an author, I know how important it is to have a professionally formatted book, particularly if you are self-publishing, which is why I take this job seriously.

I live and operate in the United States!

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