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One lonesome cemetery.

Two introverted oddballs.

Four ghosts with nothing but time on their hands.


As the caretaker of a small-town cemetery, Rick Holliday is an ordinary man with one extraordinary ability—he can communicate with the dead. Suffering from a debilitating stutter, Rick yearns for a simple life of peace and solitude. But the dearly departed residents of Serenity Grove fill his days with conflict, pranks, and ridiculous demands.


The residents learn to come together when Emily, a pretty new visitor, begins visiting her grandfather’s grave. Rick finds it harder with each bumbling encounter to deny his feelings for the klutzy yet painfully shy beauty.


Convinced that the two socially awkward misfits are a perfect match, the residents do everything they can to bring the two Livers together. But Rick may lose everything when a revelation comes to light—along with a secret that could tear them apart forever.


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