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Editing Services

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Meet your editor

Whether it’s your first book or your fiftieth, a clean manuscript can make the difference between landing an agent, attracting positive reviews, and keeping your reader hooked.


Since 2017, I’ve edited fiction manuscripts for multiple authors. As a writer, I understand the complexities of self-editing and how difficult it is to catch your own mistakes. A second pair of eyes ensures you're putting your best work out there. I genuinely enjoy what I do, diving into another writer’s creation and assisting fellow authors in polishing a labor of love.

Editing Packages

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I’ll review your manuscript to ensure the plot is cohesive, the pacing is on point for the genre, the characters are well-developed, and the narrative structure is sound. I’ll suggest removal of unnecessary or repetitive material as well as track multiple POVs to ensure plot and character consistency.

Package includes:

  • Noted document using MS Word Track changes 

  • Additional document with a detailed analysis breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript

  • Detailed synopsis


With story development in the forefront, developmental and character issues will be addressed as well as a comprehensive line-by-line edit of your manuscript addressing sentence structure, grammar, spelling, readability, and consistency using the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster while taking your personal style into account.

Package includes:

  • Two rounds of edits, with the second focused on author changes

  • Noted document using MS Word Track changes

  • Additional document with a detailed analysis breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript

  • Revised document with accepted edits

  • Personalized Style Sheet

  • Detailed synopsis

Personalized Style Sheet

This color coded multi-page document lists character names, histories, and descriptions as well as places, timelines, and other details to ensure consistency. Also includes personal style choices.

Detailed Synopsis

This can be utilized for your own purposes, as well as a tool that you can adjust when sending a synopsis to a potential agent. Keeps track of timelines, places, multiple POVs and story events.

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